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New album
'Holes and Waves (3CD)  coming: 02-01-2016 
-2CD recorded 2015 at a sunny day
 in Amsterdam at Powersoundstudio
-CD3 = Bonus: recorded 2008 and 2009, Refter, Nijmegen.
Available / listen tracks
Free tracks
Review : 'restful,  remarkable,  open  spacious,  fluid'

CdD-presentatie 24-01. 13.u. M. Kamstraat 62, Nijmegen. Aanmelden: solco@hetnet.nl

... minimal ... neo-classic ...


13-12-2015, 3 concerts



Nijmegen, HAN, 21 januari 2015




Den Haag, 4 september, 2014




Den Haag, 5 september, 2013



Rotterdam, 30 August, 2012



 Tiel, 25 and 27 August 2010 




Palermo Improvisations 'Fantasticare' 


'..Jsolco è un pianista olandese esponente raffinato della musica minimal.
La maggior parte della performance da PALAB sarà pura improvvisazione...'


' 10 improvvisazioni nuova, 5 variazioni al pianoforte '

Sunday 9 May 2010,   Solo Piano Recital Palab Palermo

Preparing myself: 2 weeks to go !       Just before EXPA became PALAB: beautiful video tour




New Release March 2010 :   First Refter Concert on DVD

'Flow from the Heart ' :

The Ultimate challenge. Sit down for the audience,

feel the energy of the people and improvise one track for 50 minutes

DVD Sold out (Free download now)




4 Pianorecitals

19.00 u 15 febr 2010, 11.00 u 16 febr. 15.00 u 16 febr. 20.00 u 16 febr.        Zeehuis, Bergen aan Zee, Netherlands



Badenweiler, Pianorecital     12 August 2009, 20.00 u



4 July 2008: Jsolco's Come in un Sogno (l'essenza) as Soundtrack

for the U.S. Embassy Opening in Berlin (Parizer Platz)



Movie and Exhibition 

"Espejos en la niebla" from Basilio Martin Patino 

with Jsolco's Dream Piano Suite (Come in un sogno). 

This Exibition is in

 Círculo de Bellas Artes, (Calle Alcalá, 42) , Madrid, Spain from 17 april until 8 june.


Dutch Movie 'Hollandse Luchten' (Dutch Skies) released: piano music Johan Jsolco. Watch trailer

Listen to the Movie tracks


* Watch Johan / Jsolco 7 min. on Video ! Recommended ! *


* Video impression of the April Concert in the Refter *


* www.solopiano.info is 'in the Air'. All for FREE ! *


* Piano Radio Gold Second Most Favorite  Radio Station for acoustic piano on Soundclick (free!) *


* 'Come in un sogno, l'essenza'

most popular Solo Instrumental track in genre New Age on www.download.com ( 2006 - 2007) *

Over 50,000 DOWNLOADS !

* 'Come in un sogno, libero' added to Radiostation 'Clasicas del clasico'. *


New Album

Concert for Civilization

The title is 'Concert for Civilization'. ”In spite of my rapid deterioration from the Pompe’s Disease,
my fingers and muscles still enable me to play the piano.
But sometimes it is painfull allready.
An Orphan drug (Myozyme) has been developed to stop the further deterioration of the illness, however,for me this drug still out of reach.
How it will unfold for me is anyone´s guess,
but I hope that this music will reverberate in places where people will and can hear it for a long time to come.
This is my way, my proud, my power and my answer to face and accept the present situation. (johan, dec 2005)

I hope the drug comes into reach for all patients soon .
´A matter of Civilization´, I think, see the title of my concert”.

First appearance 'Whisperkiss':
Pianoconcert Castle Doddendaal,
The Netherlands !
17 september 2000


Johan: 'Thank you for coming.
To be honest, I didn't expect so many people !
This Hall of the Knights was the best place to give the concert.




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